Cafe - bakery

“Shtrudel” is a network of cozy bakeries, where all the baking is created by caring hands of our skilled workers. More than twenty types of strudel stuffings: sweet, vegetarian, for lovers of fish and meat. Constant seasonal offers will not let even the most sophisticated gourmets get bored.

Our pastry cooks with trepidation every dessert, which is guaranteed to place the love for sweets in your heart. And these eclairs .... mmmm ...

We roast coffee beans so that every cup you drink is perfect. Absolutely all the drinks are made with love and care for you, by the hands of the cafe staff.

And if you want to get the maximum pleasure from visiting our establishments - we suggest choosing a glass of wine from a modest collection.

We have a surprise for you: from 8 to 10 in the morning you can enjoy delicious strudel with a 50% discount! But, that's not all ... If you like to eat after six, then welcome! From 20 to 23 the discount for all pastries is also valid - 50%!

And, whatever the choice, remember: Happiness is in your hands!

Your "Shtrudel", with love!

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Lvivskaya str. 13

+38 (067) 485 01 55

Genuezskaya str. 5

+38 (067) 215 17 18

Pioneerskaya str. 11

+38 (068) 775 75 10

Frantsuzskiy Blvd. 11б

+38 (096) 775 30 50

Milanskaya str. 22

+38 (098) 165 35 35

Lustdorfskaya road, 55

+38 (067) 523 51 26